My Consulting Services

My Consulting Services

Whatever you need, I’m here to help.

Social Media Management

Daily management of social media networks including but not limited to posting, hashtag strategy, content calendar strategy, brand layout, digital marketing assets and brand development through social media.

Business Plan & Brand Marketing Strategy Development

Starting to develop your brand and don’t know where to start or what direction to head? I can help! Having assisted in brand building and marketing strategy for multiple successful companies, I can strategize your approach and assist you in curating your business plan so you stay on track.

Media Kit Build Out

Curate your media kit highlighting your accomplishments as an influencer, speaker or company

1 page – $169

2 page – $249

Resume Build Out

Full digitally designed resume to give you a unique look and feel when applying for jobs or presenting your successes to your peers. You have full customization of the color scheme and content.

1 page – $125

2 page – $200

Digital & Printable Marketing Assets

Creation of brochures, social media graphics (ie: quotes story highlights, headers, etc.) sales decks, event decks, signage and presentations.

Event Management

Management of front end and back end event logistics. Including but not limited to, name badges, event design, attendee management, schedule management, day of event coordination, Eventbrite page management. Additional services available upon request. Rates per event vary depending on size, please inquire for pricing.

Please inquire for pricing on all packages. Additional services available upon request. Please submit all inquiries to

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