Meet Ashley

Hey Y’all

I’m Ashley, founder of Bossfidence.com.

Here are some random facts about me:

1 | My middle name (Sachiko) is Japanese because I am half Japanese & half African American

2 | I am a newlywed Army wife  and fur baby mama to Bella & Bane

3 | I went to school for Merchandise Product Development at FIDM and got my Bachelors in Business Marketing from Grand Canyon University

4 | I am obsessed with country music, but not like the new new I love early new millennium country. Give me some Garth any day of the week! Yee haw!

5 | I have been to 46 out of the 50 states (I don’t have favorite states just favorite places)

6 | I am really compassionate to others, others sometimes see it as a weakness but I always think of it as my strength. My ability to be a kind and understanding leader is what has made my success

7 | I am super into politics but I wont put it on blast here

8 | I coordinate weddings as my side side hustle. Seriously, weddings are my obsession, drop me an email if you’re in the SoCal area and need a coordinator

9 | I am a Starbucks Coffee in the morning and wine in the evening type of girl

10 | Olivia Pope is my idol.

So some of you might be wondering, what the hell is Bossfidence?

Bossfidence is not only a mindset but an overall lifestyle. Being a boss and having confidence to achieve is the objective. Your whole life you have been told to act like a lady, be graceful in your words and actions and to speak when spoken to. This generation of millennial boss babes refuses to fit that mold; they are bursting through the barriers with a rebel outcry with the need to have a seat at the table. Bossfidence is taking initiative and control of your destiny through entrepreneurship, thought leadership and relationship building. Here, you will find a squad of women (and men) who strive to be successful. Success has a different definition for everyone, for me, success is being able to wake up with a case of the Monday’s and still have that fire in my belly to get to work. Success to you could be monetary, it could be emotional, physical or mental, it can take shape in how you lead or how you take direction from a mentor.

This platform is not only a tool but a way to connect on an emotional level with other millennial entrepreneurs disrupting the work place.